So, what's Inside Marketing Design all about?

In the tech industry, design within a company is usually split into two main areas of focus: those who work on designing the product, and those who work on promoting it through developing the brand and marketing materials.

Inside Marketing Design was created especially for the people in that latter group.

No matter what your title is, if your job involves designing landing pages, setting the style for brand illustration and imagery, crafting campaigns, typesetting whitepapers or working hand-in-hand with the marketing team in some other way; the content on this site aims to help you hone your craft and progress in your career.

The Inside Marketing Design podcast was created in 2020 to fill a much-needed gap in detailed content filled with juicy insights on the non-product side of tech design industry. Released in seasons, the show features interviews with designers at some of your favorite tech companies where we dig deep on how they get their work done.

The brand has since expanded to include a newsletter (called the Marketing Design Dispatch)–which goes out every Monday filled with useful content, advice and inspiration for the week ahead, a job board–where you can find your next role (or hire your next marketing designer!), and is soon to also include a technical book on marketing design skills and processes.

Have a look around, and hopefully you'll find something that helps you take your marketing design skills to the next level.

About the creator

Charli Marie Prangley is the Creative Director at ConvertKit, and she brings her decade of marketing and brand design experience to Inside Marketing Design.

As well as being the host/writer/curator behind Inside Marketing Design, Charli also shares her design process and life as a Creative Director at a remote tech company through weekly video on her YouTube channel, CharliMarieTV. She's also the co-host of the popular design podcast Design Life.

You can find out more about Charli and see her work at

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