S4 • E1 – May 03, 2023

Inside Marketing Design at ConvertKit

with Senior Brand Designer David Preston

with Senior Brand Designers David Preston and

with Senior Brand Designer David Preston and

In this episode, Charli is joined by David Preston, Senior Brand Designer at ConvertKit. They do a deep dive into how ConvertKit has evolved over the years, what systems and processes have worked, what has needed to change, and what challenges they are still facing. David was a guest in season two of Inside Marketing Design where talked about his work as the Brand Marketing Manager at Sendible. Since joining ConvertKit in 2022, he has led the charge in some key areas and helped build out new systems that are critical for a small team.


  • 02:17 - Who is on the brand studio team at ConvertKit?
  • 04:54 - How would you describe your responsibilities as Senior Brand Designer?
  • 08:37 - How the brand studio team collaborates
  • 17:13 - What is ConvertKit’s Creator Network?
  • 20:34 - David’s process for creating assets
  • 28:46 - Design systems at ConvertKit
  • 35:47 - What’s next for ConvertKit’s design system?
  • 39:36 - How ConvertKit completely overhauled their website
  • 44:15 - Charli’s top redesign priorities
  • 49:05 - What David is looking forward to solving next
  • 54:22 - David’s advice for aspiring brand and marketing designers

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