S4 • E6 – Nov 01, 2023

Inside Marketing Design at Linear

with "packaging designer" Julian Lehr

with "packaging designer"s Julian Lehr and

with "packaging designer" Julian Lehr and

In this episode, Charli talks with Julian Lehr, part of the “Magic Team” at Linear. They discuss the intricate world of marketing design and content creation, and how these elements work together to enhance user experience. Julian shares his process for crafting engaging landing pages, and how tight collaboration makes it all possible. Julian also talks about the challenge of creating content with substance, why he describes what he does as “packaging design”, and what makes a powerful first impression for a product.


  • 01:30 - Why Julian describes what he does as “packaging design”
  • 03”10 - The “Magic Team” at Linear 
  • 07:15 - How designers collaborate at Linear
  • 09:30 - How Linear approaches content marketing and storytelling
  • 15:40 - Where content fits in the design process
  • 18:45 - Julian’s process for writing and creating the Linear homepage
  • 27:41 - How Julian and his team worked through the challenges of a homepage redesign
  • 36:40 - The design community’s reaction to the new Linear homepage
  • 39:18 - How Linear measures the success of a website
  • 41:40 - What’s next for the website
  • 43:54 - Other projects Julian is working on
  • 48:50 - Processes and tools at Linear
  • 53:12 - Julian’s advice for people who want to create impactful marketing design

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