S4 • E4 – Aug 02, 2023

Inside Marketing Design at Scale AI

with Staff Brand Designer Lin Zagorski Latimer

with Staff Brand Designers Lin Zagorski Latimer and

with Staff Brand Designer Lin Zagorski Latimer and

In this episode, Charli talks with Lin Zagorski Latimer, Staff Brand Designer at Scale AI, about marketing design in the world of AI. Lin discusses the design landscape for Scale AI's two distinct target audiences: AI-enabled and AI-constrained, the creative process behind the company's annual report, Zeitgeist, and the tools used in its creation. Lin also delves into the promotion strategies of Zeitgeist, the importance of appealing content, and leveraging AI tools for successful branding.


  • 01:10 - Inside the brand team at Scale AI
  • 02:00 - Lin’s responsibilities as a Senior Brand Designer
  • 05:05 - Where does the brand team fit within the company structure?
  • 06:42 - What teams Lin collaborates with the most
  • 08:20 - How Lin collaborates with product designers
  • 09:55 - How Lin thinks about the Scale AI brand and their audience
  • 15:57 - How has the explosion in AI affected the company?
  • 18:42 - Working on the 2023 AI Readiness Report
  • 25:07 - How Scale AI works and collaborates with agencies
  • 38:01 - Maintaining brand consistency and managing internal feedback
  • 40:25 - Challenges Lin is currently facing
  • 41:35 - Lin’s advice for creating impactful marketing design

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