S4 • E3 – Jul 05, 2023

Inside Marketing Design at Snyk

with Senior Visual Designer Dan Edwards

with Senior Visual Designers Dan Edwards and

with Senior Visual Designer Dan Edwards and

In this episode, Charli talks with Dan Edwards, Senior Visual Designer at Snyk, about his strategies for exceptional brand design. Together, they go behind the scenes of Snyk’s brand transformation, from the initial decision-making process to the challenging task of creating a brand design system. Dan also shares his insights on collaborating with product and marketing teams, the importance of trust in the process, and some of the hurdles he’s encountered along the way.


  • 01:48 - Dan’s responsibilities as Senior Visual Designer at Snyk
  • 03:27 - Where does the brand design team fit in Snyk’s company structure?
  • 11:26 - Building and implementing a brand design system
  • 15:13 - The role of trust in the design process
  • 21:11 - What role does the marketing website play at Snyk?
  • 23:07 - The process of rebranding the website
  • 32:41 - How the design system works at Snyk
  • 47:52 - What are some future challenges for Dan and Snyk?
  • 51:20 - Dan’s advice for creating impactful brand and marketing design work

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